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Bula Fiji

6 days in Fiji

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After a long flight from belgium, via london and LA we finally arrived in Fij Nadi on the 2nd Dec.... A bit tired and seriously jetlagged! We spent one night on the main land before taking off to the waya island, at the Octopus resort. It was reccomended by Lonely Planet but still... fingers crossed cause you never know in advance. It turned out really well. We found a little piece of paradise! Wonderful beach, clear blue water and sunsets to die for...


Not only the setting was great, we also met some really nice people. For sure we are not the only one travelling around the world! In fact, most people we met have been travelling for a much longer time than us: 6 months, 12 months, 15 months... So, now we are getting worried our three months will be too short.

Next destination is New Zealand! We bought an additional flight to go from Auckland to Christchurch. Thanks Diane and James from Liverpool :) The plan is to hire a campervan and drive up from Christchurch to Auckland in the coming ten days. More news later...

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2 Day to go.........

Packing the right things is not easy!!

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Packing a backpack seems relatively easy. Its not complex to take the things you will use on a beach holiday. Well, today I found out that it can be difficult and complex...

Evy Packing

Ansa Packing

Ansa finished in 30 minutes

Evy still packing after 1 hour. Thing are now getting complicated!!


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3 Days to go......

Bags still not packed!!

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We don't have long to go, but we are facing a few new challenges as the world around us is ever changing. In the last 24hrs it has been reported that there has been a terrorist attack in Mumbi, where 101 people have been killed.

India - and Mumbai - are no stranger to terrorism but the attacks on multiple targets in the city mark a significant change in strategy.

This attacks is different in terms of both method and scale, with teams of well-armed men involved in synchronised attacks - the gunmen were also clearly prepared to die in their attacks. Another major difference is the targeting of restaurants and hotels used by westerners and the apparent singling out of those with British and American passports.

Secuirty is high at all major locations and this should make people feel safe, although this will limit movement around india. But we have seen this in Iraq where an attack is littered with security personal and civilians, as the attacker have not regard for their own lives.

We are not in india until Feb 2009, so a lot can change still.

Also, in the last 48hrs it has been reported that Bangkok Airport is closed due to anti-government protests.
We are not in Thialand (bangkok) until mid Jan 2009, if the region is still unsafe we will stay in Bali.... Mmmm... nice!!

Lets face it... we will not let the resent events change our plans. I still plan to pack my bag tonight.

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Still Counting Down.....

Evy's getting nervous

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Today has been a very interesting day... we did nothing in preparation for the trip. It's making me nervous. We only have 6 days to go and we still have to really pack the bags, and plan our New Year in Australia. We have encountered a few problems with the accommodation in Sydney. What we face is high prices or a shortage of affordable places over new year. It seems like everyone in Australia is going to be in Sydney at that time!!

But still... we have done nothing and it's the end of the day now. It looks like we've been distracted by the first snow in Brussels. Look at what we are going to leave behind:

In 6 days we will be with our toes in the sand and our buts in crystal clear blue water!!. "Baby, you think we will be missing the snow in icey cold Belgium?" Ansa responds "You mad?".

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Bags packed and Ready to go......

Frist Stop - London Terminal 5: Shoppin Mecca

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I can feel the tention growing, the excitement build... I ask Evy, "You looking forward to leaving all this behind?". She replies "Yes, baby... of course.....". There was a moment of silence then she says "Wow, T5... its going to be great!!". I just smiled as I realised that our budget is going to be blown and it wont be my fault ;-)

T5 has become the shopping Mecca for Evy... A place she can escape the constraints of the budget and focus on some of the dream items that she has always wanted for Tax Free.

It is fair to say that we are both very excited. Here, check out our schedule below.

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